Imagine the unimagined

visual identity+brand messaging+ux design+website

The MassArt Art Museum (MAAM) is a place to imagine the unimagined—to see what you haven’t seen before. MAAM is Boston’s newest museum, a place where visitors experience works by visionary artists at the forefront of contemporary art.

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No serif,
no sans serif

MAAM sought a bold brand that breaks the mold of the stark black-and-white motifs at other contemporary art institutions. During a visual workshop, the MAAM team reached consensus on what they desired in a logotype: “No serif, no sans serif.” No problem, right? We delivered with a logomark that has custom letter forms that are moving forward in space. And we partnered with Nick Sherman to craft a bespoke font that is used as the display face in the system.

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Buttons on a jacket


the kunsthalle

MAAM is a kunsthalle—a noncollecting museum that is always changing, never static. The brand identity reflects the element of surprise and unexpectedness. It’s modular, flexible, and extends to exhibition branding and sub-brands.

MAAM mobile
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Free and open

One of the core values of MAAM is that it’s always free and open to the public. We embraced this tenet of inclusivity with an identity that is vibrant, welcoming, and engages a broader audience in the discussion of public art.

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