Finding worth, worth finding

Campaign Brand+Design+Art Direction

Skinner is an auction house with deep New England roots, renowned for the expertise of its specialists. Faced with growth of e-commerce and increased competition in the auction space, Skinner sought to spread the word about its offerings to new scores of prospective buyers and consignors. A brand campaign to signal Skinner's presence in Boston and online was in order.

We devised a strategy for showcasing Skinner's unique offerings in a way that felt accessible, within arm's reach. Our artistic direction for print ads, out-of-home displays, and e-marketing juxtaposed Skinner's elegant product photography with the warmth of the human touch, showing Skinner experts interacting with a sampling of auction goods—paintings, furniture, jewelry, and ceramics. New signage for the Boston and Marlborough locations elevated the auction house's presence, and the social media campaign targets the younger crowd of buyers, consignors, and the intellectually curious.

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