Shepley Bulfinch

Reinventing a Design Legend

Brand Messaging+Visual Identity+UX Design+CMS Website

Shepley Bulfinch has been challenging convention for nearly 150 years, producing forward-thinking buildings and spaces that inspire. We partnered with this design and architecture powerhouse to craft a comprehensive rebrand strategy that touched every corner of its business. The brand is an authentic reflection of Shepley Bulfinch's unique culture, show-stopping work, and vision for the future.


Capture beyond

Beyond: the brand's big idea speaks to imagining what hasn't happened yet, and conveys the spirit of Shepley Bulfinch's aspiration and process. The modular logotype—built from a bespoke typeface—uses unexpected spaces in the letterforms to reflect the firm's belief that “the spaces in between” buildings are as important as the structures themselves.


Building blocks

We collaborated with an award-winning type foundry, Coppers & Brasses, to create the custom typeface. A square block is ever-present throughout the brand, including the typographic system. A color palette of understated neutrals is inspired by the materials used in building construction, and a surprise pop of yellow brings freshness to the mix. New portraits and culture videos showcase Shepley Bulfinch in a personable, inviting, and approachable way.