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North Bennet St. School (NBSS) is a wondrous place. A nurturing environment for traditional artisans, NBSS has educated skilled violin makers, bookbinders, furniture makers, and locksmiths for more than 125 years. The problem? This gem was hidden and needed a brand overhaul to bring the vibrancy behind its historic doors into the open.

To prepare for a capital campaign, NBSS sought a bold brand strategy that reinforces the relevancy of traditional crafts in this technological age, while at the same time positioning the school for the future. In that spirit, we developed a visual identity system that features a custom-drawn logo incorporating historical elements of the NBSS with forward-looking accents. Our case statement connects craftspeople with their work, accentuating the interface of mind, hands, heart, and soul that is fundamental to one-of-a-kind handcrafted work. And a younger, hipper viewbook speaks to the diversity of NBSS programs and the community it shares with neighbors.

Photography by Heather McGrath
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