Rising to the top

Print Collateral

MIT's forward-thinking ethos is evident in their digital-first undergraduate admissions strategy: robust web presence, no viewbook. MIT describes its admissions process as “choosing an 1,100-person team to climb a very interesting and fairly rugged mountain—together.” Vying for high school students' attention, MIT knew they needed high-impact printed pieces to rise to the top of that mountain of mailers from other top-tier schools.


A human touch

MIT needed needed eye-catching pieces to raise awareness among target audiences about specialized study areas. Two z-fold books, with no clear start or end, encourage continued exploration and pack a visual punch, arriving in craft envelopes with neon lettering. Vibrant designs offer a visually rich narrative about MIT programming, while evocative portraits of students at work and play humanize the rigorous academic experience.

Photography by David Salafia

Making an impression

For the undergraduate admissions toolkit, we developed a customized bundle of goodies packaged in a metallic envelope. The packet is both utilitarian and whimsical: a how-to-apply guide, inspirational quotes from Marie Curie and Walt Disney, and custom illustration depicting a climbable dinosaur offer a glimpse at the breadth of challenges and possibilities and convey the playful spirit of the Institute.

Illustration by Tang Yau Hoong
AIGA Bone SHow 2013 Winner