Collaboration Meets Creativity

User Research+UX Design+CMS Website

Lesley University is renowned for programs in education, counseling, and the arts. With four schools and hundreds of undergrad and graduate programs under one umbrella, Lesley needed a website that would showcase their academics, offer insight into their campus experience, and extend their newly coined brand to their web presence.

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Mobile first

Interviews with target users—prospective students and their influencers—revealed browsing habits on mobile phones that directly informed our design approach. A deep dive of Lesley's academic offerings helped us craft an intuitive user flow by grouping programs into “plain speak” areas of study.

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Deep dive

Our discovery included conversations with students, alumni, and staff, all of whom echoed “community” as a top differentiator at Lesley. We designed the website to include Stories, accessible via top navigation—image-rich glimpses into the lives and work of Lesley community members.


A modular approach

The comprehensive UX overhaul included creating modular, centralized content that simplified the experience for both authors and consumers. An improved user flow radically reduced repetition and streamlined content creation and governance.