Gardner Museum

Art for the Ages

Exhibition & Event Branding+Art Direction

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a beloved Boston institution that honors the legacy of Isabella, patron and friend to the most prominent artists of her time. This unique museum needed a boost to help raise awareness and to grow its visitor base. As devoted fans, we embraced the excuse to visit regularly—oh, and to work on the Gardner's exhibition and event branding materials.

Using bold color and custom typography to promote Off the Wall—an exhibit that showcased key pieces from Isabella's collection in a contemporary space—proved equally impactful across print advertizing and large-scale transit ads. For the annual gala, we highlighted the novelty of the modern event space with an unexpected foldout format for the invitation. And we reimagined the museum map as a color-coded keepsake booklet with striking cover photography and images of the collection.

Calling all Isabellas (admission is free to the founder's namesakes), and anyone else poised to discover this gem.

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