A University Comes of Age

Print Collateral

Framingham State University (FSU) is a robust and exciting educational resource. Formerly thought of as a teachers’ commuter school, this bucolic campus has added a new state-of-the art dorm to its campus and has vastly expanded its course offerings. But who knew? FSU asked us to get the word out with print collateral.

FSU has a large and loyal alumni base, but some had not been back to—or in touch with—the school for years, so we developed a strategy to reconnect them with this profound influence on their lives. One important goal: encourage alumni pride and participation in the continuing evolution of the school. We designed outreach materials including the annual President’s Report and an alumni magazine that profile individuals’ experiences at the university. And we incorporated a professional and dynamic editorial approach that highlights the expanded graduate and undergraduate offerings at FSU.

Photography by Kent Dayton
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