Harvard: Defeating Malaria

From the Genes to the Globe

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Harvard’s goal is direct if not simple: eradicate malaria from our world. Historically, such lofty objectives have been the purview of governments and NGOs. But the leadership at Harvard saw the opportunity to leverage the thought leadership across campus towards this goal. Our job: engage the entire Harvard community to combat this scourge.

You might wonder what the Business School or School of Government have to do with malaria. A lot, as it turns out. Sure, we can make the best drugs in the world, but getting those drugs to remote areas of Africa requires logistics, health policy management, diplomacy, and business acumen. The site is organized around six focal areas to illustrate where the many silos of the diverse Harvard community intersect in the malaria equation. The illustrations reflect abstract, complex concepts and are buttressed with real-world profiles and stories about the impact of this preventable epidemic.

Illustration by Robert S. Hanson
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