A Different Kind of Prep

communication strategy+print collateral

At Deerfield Academy, one of the most respected boarding schools in the country, “prep” is taking on a whole new meaning. Sure, the campus may be steeped in traditional New England architecture and ivy, but don't let that fool you: there's nothing old school about Deerfield. This institution is breaking the mold on conventional learning with its groundbreaking academic models, diverse student body, and faculty eager to usher in a community of thinkers and doers. And yet, its communications did not reflect this transformation.

Moth worked with the Deerfield admissions and marketing teams to develop a communications plan, messaging strategy, and collateral for its admissions process. And just like the school itself, the suite of materials we produced were not what you might expect from a prep school. Lenticular cards communicate student projects, yet from other angles reveal secondary messaging. A 64-page viewbook includes interactive features like origami and a cipher. And an Instagram campaign (#deerfieldtracks) encourages prospective students to snap a picture of their shoes — the only article of clothing not mandated by the school's dress code. There's nothing old school about that.

Illustration by Georgina Hounsome
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