Bose Fellows

Funding the Unfundable

Visual Identity+UX Design+CMS Website

The Bose Fellows Program, named in honor of MIT Professor Amar G. Bose, provides grants to MIT faculty for research projects that are original, risky, controversial, cross-disciplinary—and unfundable via traditional channels. The Program needed a visual identity and website that celebrated the unconventional nature of the research projects that it makes possible. We rose to the challenge with an unexpected design deeply inspired by the teachings of Dr. Bose.


A boundless pursuit

When tasked with creating the visual identity, we watched countless videos of Dr. Bose, whose research philosophy was fueled by passion, original thinking, and insatiable curiosity. The logo is an animated object with multiple configurations to reflect the creative process of scientific research and convey the spirit of a Program that supports nonlinear discovery.

Daring to be different

The website needed to house a vast array of research projects and simultaneously convey and celebrate the essence of the Program. The design employs subtle effects—like a split screen animation and inset videos—as fundamental components of a site experience that inspires, educates, and delights the end user.
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