Antiquarian Book Fair

Old World Meets Now 

Event Promotions+Print Collateral+CMS Website

The Antiquarian Book Fair in Boston had been a revered event for almost four decades—well-known among serious buyers, sellers, and collectors of rare books, prints, and ephemera. But the event was sorely in need of an integrated communications strategy to expand its appeal to a wider and younger audience. 

We developed a graphic system that serves as a keystone between old world style and new world relevancy, melding iconic engravings with bold, bright, modern typography. The combination of respect for the traditional Book Fair audience and the visual punch of the redesign gives a new vibrancy to the brand. We applied the strategy across a concise, responsive website, event materials, and promotions. A practical benefit: with minor tweaks, everything can be easily updated from year to year without needing a complete overhaul. 

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AIGA Bone SHow winner 2013