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Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences is a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue and useful knowledge. The Academy’s work is wide-ranging and multidisciplinary, and it needed a web experience to convey the complexity of their offerings across multiple audiences—Academy members, media, policy makers, and academics.


A UX strategy for a broad audience

The Academy wanted to make the website more effective at connecting with its own members and extend its reach to a broader audience by creating a more accessible and user-friendly online browsing and reading experience. We crafted a UX strategy that promotes content to its fullest potential. Topic-driven navigation, related content fields, and a clear information architecture reduce friction and provide an easy and intuitive way to engage with the site.

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We leveraged the success and strong readership of the Academy’s signature publication "Daedalus" by crafting a microsite that is housed within the parent site. The smart UX provides additional content and resources without distracting from the primary reading experience.

Essays archive page


Evolving the brand

We evolved the Academy’s brand—while maintaining its heritage and prestige—through a minimal color palette, purposeful use of photography, and a sophisticated typographic sensibility.

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